Icon Wall Stickers – HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY!

One of the many things I believe in is personalisation and the immense power of words. So, imagine my utter joy when I came across Icon Wall Stickers, an organisation which does just that! Basically, Icon Wall Stickers offers beautiful decorative stickers to place on your walls and personalise your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any other aspects of your house.

I am extremely lucky to have Icon Wall Stickers sponsor this giveaway, offering one lucky winner a free product from their huge collection.

To enter the giveaway, simply click here.

If you’d like more info, here’s a quick collection of my favourite “spooky” wall stickers in their collection –in the spirit of Halloween, of course. I cannot personally comment on the product themselves, as I haven’t tried them out myself, but the visual aspect is amazing.

Halloween Themed Stickers:

Haunted Lighthouse With Bats Wall Sticker Kids Monsters Wall Art DecalCrescent Moon Wall Stickers Kids Bedroom Monsters Wall Art DecalHaunted House With Bats Wall Stickers Kids Monsters Wall Art Decal

But before I mislead you, Icon Wall Stickers offers many different types of stickers. Here are a few from my Pinterest account that I adore.

My Generally Adored Stickers:

Dream Imagine & Believe Quote Wall Stickers Wall Art Decal - Wall Quotes

London Skyline Decorative Wall Art Stickers Decal - United Kingdom - People & Places

You Dont Have To Brush All Your Teeth - Just The Ones... Wall Sticker - Bathroom - Home & Living

Boy Under Tree Wall Art Sticker Wall Decal - Trees - Floral & Trees - Home & Living

Music Speaks Wall Art Quote Decals - New Decals

As you can see, the collection is a huge variety, ranging from quotes to aesthetically pleasing graphics, and other humourous stickers for certain parts of your house. Not to mention, there seems to be a sticker for every room, no matter how big (or small) your house is.

My all-time favourite sticker, both with its visual appearance and words, is…

You Become What Wall You Think About Wall Art Sticker Wall Quote - Life & Inspirational - Wall Quotes

You can personalise the colour, the dimensions, and the variety of sticker. 😀 What’s more, if you want an idea of how the sticker appears in your house, just send Icon Wall Stickers a picture of your wall, and they will digitally capture a “preview” of it. That way, you can choose the perfect sticker without worrying about any accidents or mistakes.

For more examples of these wonderful products, head over to this Pinterest Board.


15 thoughts on “Icon Wall Stickers – HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY!

  1. So many ones that would look perfect in my house. Music speaks for the study, tree of life for the hall. Moon rising for the bedroom….cant chose

  2. I would choose the fairy crouching down and looking at the insects. Reminds me of my 3yo in our new garden and should would be beside herself if she came into her room and found that fairy 🙂

  3. I would choose the Flowers Butterflies decorative wall art sticker, it reminds me of a family tree it would look lovely in my family room ❤

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