Goodbye October, Hello November

Goodbye, dearest October. It has been a glorious month filled with a two-week vacation, a lot of socialization, lovely new friends via the internet, and a lot of Math. The passing of October reminds me that the end of the year’s approaching closer, leading to the eventual beginning of 2014.

But before I reminiscent over a year that hasn’t ended, let me acknowledge my favourite parts of October.

Favourite Website

Wait for it: Khan Academy. I have always known of the website and the videos, but since America and Australia call the same thing different words, I always found it inconsistent with my current education system. Until now.

I have found all of my Math B, Math C and History topics under Khan Academy. There are walk-through explanations for riddles, cryptic puzzles and codes, and a computer programming class. It is the perfect place for people who want to learn, regardless of your age.

Favourite Song

A friend of mine (Lucy) from English Lit has amazing taste in music. Unlike my own playlist, they are extremely relaxing to listen to. I have also found a new love for jazz music in general. But the song I played most throughout October (I hear jazz influences in the song itself) is Trouble Sleeping by Corinne Bailey Rae.

Favourite Instrumental 

I cannot choose between two of my favourite instrumentals, both of completely different genres. The first one, “Just Be Friends” is cute, a little sad, but charismatic. Funnily enough, I dislike the original song and its lyrics; I only find the music box version wonderful.

Meanwhile, my other favourite instrumental takes a different turn. It’s creepy, hauntingly beautiful, and something you’d hear in a horror movie. Likewise to Just Be Friends, I dislike the original song itself; I find the collision of so many musical instruments difficult on my ears. But the “music box” version of Bad Apple is brilliant.

Favourite Desktop Wallpaper

I have a recent obsession with “organisational” wallpapers. Basically, they are desktop wallpapers with organisational qualities, and look amazing when utilized. My favourite desktop wallpaper is the following, made by Mags-Pi on Deviantart.

I utilized the desktop wallpaper to look like this, following the links to what Mags-Pi had on the art itself:

The shelf functions, the “cute icons” at the bottom of the desk, the painting… it all gives a realistic sense to a desktop wallpaper. And the idea of such a wallpaper is so creative, too.

My favourite month of the year has officially begun! I am so utterly happy when I saw the date “1st November” on my iPod. You see, I had lost track of time; I’m currently in bed with a flu and probably won’t be getting up for a while. Still, my favourite month of the year has appeared, right in front of me, and I have a huge variety of things to look forward to.

  1. My birthday is on the 19th of November.
  2. NaNoWriMo begins now! It’s basically a novel challenge for writers to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I have “won” the challenge once, I believe, but not without having at least 10,000 words already done. 😛 This month, I plan on finishing Violet Ink (maybe?) However, all my exams will be in this month, so I don’t have any high expectations.
  3. I absolutely adore Christmas time. Even if I don’t celebrate it, the unity of everyone around me, the joy surrounding the event… I love it all. And with the passing of October, it means festive December is just around the corner.

This is such a short post. I probably shouldn’t be typing when I’m sick, but oh well. Do you have a “reflections” post on October? If so, link me to it –I love reading other blogs! 😀


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