Once Upon A Time, We Were Invincible

As it turns out, I have already blogged about the first song that “introduced” me to music. I have also blogged about other songs that provoke emotions, inspired me to write a short vignette, and also a post about my favourite band. However, I’d like to bring up a song I’ve only discovered this year, and didn’t like at first –then, it grew on me. It is now one of my favourite songs on my iPod: Bulletproof Weeks by Matt Nathanson. This is a song that has inspired many feelings of my childhood through the music, lyrics, and the singer’s voice.

Like I mentioned earlier, I initially didn’t like this song. It was slow, a little too acoustic, and the overall atmosphere was monotonous. However, after I looked at the lyrics –truly had a read through them– I began playing the song on replay. The slow-paced execution that I began loathing became flawless, the ups-and-downs of the singer’s voice, that I found a little too dramatic, seemed to be perfect. It’s only after reading the lyrics, relating to the words imprinted in this song, that I truly began to appreciate what a beautiful song it was.

The overall idea of this song is a break-up, during youth, I presume, and a broken person as a result of it. Back then, ignorance was acceptable, safety was never questioned, and the smallest things triggered emotions. This is shown through the chorus:

So what happened to bulletproof weeks in your arms
What happened to feeling cheap radio songs?
What happened to thinking the world was flat?
What happened to that?

This reminds me of my own childhood, and it may trigger nostalgic feelings about yours. One of the key aspects this song pinpoints is that, although the world may have been ideal and unrealistic, childhood was a life where dreams came true. It was a time of ignorant bliss. Now that the singer has grown up, the bliss has faded into nothing more than memories, and a life of hardship and breaking-down awaits him.

Every-time I listen to the chorus, to how Nathanson reaches high-and-low octaves with his voice, I can feel his pain. Reading the lyrics like a poem loses half its effect; in order to completely feel the song, a replay of the song is required. More than half the feeling lies in his voice and the guitar strings.

Another favourite passage of mine is the following:

I’m talking to what’s left of you
Watching what I say
Counting all the freckles on your perfect face

Like I said, this is a break-up song. However, this part also speaks to me; I talk to what’s left of you. Not that the person is fading in the background, or that they’re slowly disappearing, but that my memories of them are fading; they are no longer that person anymore.

As someone who loved them, I feel like an imposter has replaced you, and the memories belong to someone else.You are no longer the person in my memories, and I need to watch what I say because you are different now. The little aspects that still remain –“the freckles on your perfect face”– have changed, too. I now have to count them; once upon a time, I used to know how many there were off by heart.

The overall song never fails to remind me of my childhood. Also, the utter beauty of this song –the sadness portrayed by the singer, the nostalgic lyrics, and the visual imagery– can only acknowledged after several replays. Hopefully, if you decide to click on that song, you wouldn’t give up on it at the first try, like I initially did.


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14 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time, We Were Invincible

  1. I simply adore this post. There are so many times that I hear songs and it’s not until I really listen to lyrics that I really understand. There are so many songd where the lyrics become understated by the instrumentals or by too much voice overlay. Sometimes, a stripped down version of a song, especially one like this Matt Nathanson song, it really is about the lyrics and story he is trying to tell us.

  2. A very pleasant post to read 🙂 It is a comfort to know that there are indeed other people who do not appreciate a song simply for the surface-deep pleasure it does or does not provide at first listen. Also, thank you for taking the time to link my post, and I hope you enjoyed reading over it.

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