Simply Sunday (#1)

Simply Sunday Final1

Today is my first ever “Simply Sunday” post –a weekly meme held by the fabulous Chihara over at BOOKS FOR A DELICATE ETERNITY. Basically, it’s where you post a quote from anything –song, book, TV show– and write a blog-post about it. A lovely, simple idea to express a blogger’s ideas and viewpoints, don’t you think?

After much searching, I found a relevant quote that stuck with me.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…”

(Quote by C.S. Lewis)

Tomorrow is my birthday (16 years old! Woo!) and today is my blogvarsay, marking the first day I started this blog. There is nostalgia attached to birthdays, that is stronger than any other event. And more than anything, I remember the atmosphere, the people, the feeling of warmth and security on my birthday.

Last year, a friend recorded my birthday in his diary. He got in trouble (or needed to leave the classroom?). The teacher looked in his diary, looked at me, and said, “Is it your birthday today?” And henceforth began the abundance of off-key singing, loud clapping and enthusiastic celebrating. It also happened that, in the majority of my classes that day, people knew it was my birthday. I got birthday wishes in every class.

Mum took a video of me (she loves photography, memory-capturing, and etc.) and my best friend of that time came over (her birthday was 10 days after mine) and we, well, just had fun. The cake was lovely, my friends were wonderful, and I was celebrated for simply existing. Birthdays are my favourite holiday.

Now, I live in the city. Now, I have a new group of friends, an exam on my birthday (!) and several in this week altogether. My last birthday was in a quiet, sleepy town with classes I loved. Different faces, different names, different people. I remember the presents my friends gave me, but their friendship was greater. I remember playing the keyboard after sunset, dancing around with my best friend (at that time) in the backyard, my mother forcing me into an itchy dress, makeup and taking forced videos of me speaking.

I never thought I’d miss it all so much. It’s on my birthday when I realise just how much my life has changed over one year. I always movearound, never staying somewhere for more than a couple of years. When I reflect on a memorable day, I notice the difference.

But here’s the thing about memories; it’s very easy to miss them. Yet, memories will never, ever stop. What happens from now on will be a memory as well. The future is just a whole bunch of laughter, happy moments and warm fuzzy feelings waiting to happen. One of these days, I’ll be looking back at tomorrow as a memory, an aspect of my life that’s already happened.

…Now to get back to studying for my accounting exam tomorrow. 😛

P.S: Just a sneak-peak at the picture for my new upcoming blog-button. Drawn entirely using a laptop mouse and the app FreshPaint on Windows 8. Believe me, it was all within the software. xD


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