Character Profile: Madi “Turtle” Yamato

Well, I have recently gone back to writing. Yes, I don’t deserve to call myself a writer after spending 18 days (!) not writing anything of my current work-in-progress. However, I went on a writing-spree with one of my best friends, Ivey, and managed to get 2,260 words done. It definitely isn’t my best for a single day, but after so long, it’s definitely an accomplishment. Now, I’m trying to write again, with a target goal of 50,000 words overall (just for the sake of NaNo), although I’ve begun with approximately 30,000 words to begin with.

Anyway, enough about my idle writing life; today’s post is about one of the many quirky characters I’ll introduce in Jersey’s Comedy of Quirky Mismatches. When I finish Violet Ink, I’ll definitely move on to that project. I have a summary typed up in 2 minutes, and although it’ll most likely change, here it is:

“Okay, okay. So Puns of Fun have a couple of bad jokes here and there–”

“A couple? Mate, their entire existence depends on awful puns, dangerous slapstick and the worst references to pop culture imaginable.”

Jonathan Fisher is the average sixteen-year-old, minus his addiction to puns, wordplay and awful jokes.
When he is invited to join the YouTube channel, Puns of Fun, his life is fulfilled. The wacky, peculiar and quirky idols he admired over the internet are his colleagues. Now is his chance to become friends with these comedic geniuses.
However, the crew of Puns of Fun aren’t acting weird; they are truly uncanny.
And suddenly, the best year ever becomes a test of survival.

Basically, it’s about a group of teenagers who run a comedy YouTube channel (that everyone hates) but they continue to do so, even midst the public disapproval. Maybe because, well, they love their jokes; and no-one can take it away from them.

One of the comedians involved is Madi Yamato (but is given the nickname “Turtle”) who has her own share of quirks. Below is a picture of her I generated using FaceYourManga (a highly recommended avatar maker of mine). And afterwards, there’s a small description of herself and behaviour. But since this is part of the book, I won’t reveal everything about her; just a couple of generic details.


Madi “Turtle” Yamato

remy Her name is Madi Yamato, but her friends call her Turtle. There is a reason for this: she is incredibly, indescribably lazy. But here’s the catch: her laziness makes her more hardworking than most of her colleagues. When she is not curling in the corner of the room, she is walking under the scorching sun, timing herself through alternative routes to find the easiest way to work (even though there’s over 23). She is never lazy when it comes to being lazy.

She is the only person to know Katelyn, the founder of Puns of Fun, before the YouTube channel was broadcasted… and mercilessly attacked. She often brags about her entire family generation of laziness, and jokes about her mother shortening her name –which was supposed to be Madeline— to something shorter, so she wouldn’t have to write too many characters. Although this doesn’t influence her personality, she is of Japanese heritage, and the only way this is reflected is through her obsession with Pooky sticks (a regular snack, as her father owns a small Asian convenience store), which she hated until the age of 5. Now, she can’t imagine a day without them.


This was an extremely vague description, and perhaps a little incomplete, but definitely a spoiler-free one. If you are curious, you can read the prologue of Jersey’s Comedy of Quirky Mismatches here. However, it may be a while before I update; I’m currently focusing on Violet Ink, and I quite like the novel, so I’m taking my time to outline the chapters, and write them. 🙂


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