Goodbye November, Hello December

Goodbye, November, my favourite month of the year. Hello, December, my second-favourite! Perhaps one of the happiest times of the year, I sense Christmas lights, discount chocolate (yum!) and plenty of festive spirit. I remember watching so many movies that contain Christmas (the Home Alone series to name just one) and simply fell in love with the amount of love and affection around this time of the year.

Of course, I do live in Australia, and there will never be a white Christmas. If there is, then I’d truly be concerned about the weather. But it doesn’t stop the spirit –which is everywhere. It’s around this time of the year where the New Year is around the corner.

I simply loved November. It was lovely. Although I came up 10,000 words short of my word-goal for Violet Ink (NaNoWriMo), I still managed to reach the 40K, which is more than I’d expected, especially with exams around the corner. Something else I loved was how I improved in every single subject since last term, which makes me extremely happy, because it means I’m doing something right. Except Math B, where I stayed at the same level, but at least my FAU (Fluency and Understanding) improved. Not to mention, I was one mark away from an A, which is a dramatic improvement from last term.

When looking at the month like that, I suppose it truly was an improvement. Now, school holidays have begun (and the 56 days of vacation? Yes, please!) I can’t wait to do so much over the holidays, but it’s mostly computer programming. I’ve always wanted to learn more about it, but had my schedule filled up with other things. Thank you for Code Academy! I shall be spending most of my vacation on that website. 😉

Likewise, I want to read more books, hence signing up for a December Read-A-Thon with a goal of four books in the week. It would be the perfect way to get myself into reading –I encourage anybody to sign up for this challenge!

And now, it’s time for my favourites of November!


Favourite Song

I’ve always loved Ed Sheeran, but never listened to a song on repeat as much as this one. It’s been on my repeating for three days straight (!) without a single other song interfering. Needless to say, I was entranced by the overall wonder of the song, and adore the beat. I definitely will be checking out more of his songs; this one was fantastic.


Favourite GIF

I have been mesmerised by this GIF. To think it’s all hand-drawn… it is beautiful. I adore the different abstract views one can infer from such an image, along with the continuously moving frame (one way, then another). Despite having differences, it flows so well together. I adore the traces of emotion in the eyes, along with the subtle change of feelings. However, the lips stay relatively same throughout the entire GIF. It’s a lovely example of “hidden meanings.”


Favourite App

My newfound love for Kindle cannot be expressed. I love how many options are open to me; I can now read books on my laptop, my iPod, Dad’s tablet, Dad’s computer, Mum’s laptop… etc. No matter where I am, I can always have a book with me. This open so many options. The funny thing is, I used to be one of those people who said no to electronic books, but now I prefer them (gasp!) over paperbacks.

This is because I’m currently in the process of reading classical literature, and they always have high vocabulary. It’s so convenient to click on any word (or tap on, if referring the iPod) and find the definition in the dictionary. It’s extremely beenficial for my learning, in comparison to paperback books. I definitely recommend Kindle to anyone who’s planning to reading classical literature –you can even read them in Chrome, or on your laptop, or anywhere, really.


Favourite Graphic Design

(NOTE: The words used are quite dark; it’s basically a typography poster. I recommend to skip this part if you would rather not see them.)

The graphic design can be found here. As it serves a frightening, tense atmosphere, I didn’t want anyone accidentally stumbling on the graphic design unless they’re ready for it. It contains graphic words. Click at your own risk.

When I first came across this graphic design, I got chills. I think it’s an example of just how powerful words are. The hatred shown by the person with the gun, their abuse of powers, their sadistic desires and feeling the person, on the other end of the gun, are indescribably weakened. How much power the person behind the trigger feels, hysterical, caught in the moment. Notice how there is not a single reference to what happens afterwards, when they’re actually dead? Just references to the present and the past that led up to this event.

The graphic design itself is extremely effective. If any other colour but black was used, it wouldn’t be effective. Not to mention, the right words are bold, along with the clever use of caps lock. Haunting. Disturbing. Gritty. This is an example of how much power words have.


And that concludes my post! A lot of things I stumbled across during this November, and there goes my favourite month of the year. I love reading other reflections, so if you happen to have one, be sure to link me to it! I love reading new blog-posts. 😀

Happy holidays, everyone! 🙂


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