End of the Year 2013 Readathon! (Sign Up Post)

For all readers who’re desperately trying to read more books (or finding a challenge to motivate them to), I highly recommend the End of the Year 2013 Readathon, hosted by Jenny from Juliababyjen’s Reading Room and Dana from Dana Square. I was already participating in the Dreamy December Days Readathon, introduced to me by the lovely Chihara, but I found that one week wasn’t enough to finish all the books I wanted to (although I completed 2 books, which was more than I’ve done in a long, long time).

The read-a-thon runs from the 9th of December to the 22nd, which is perfect for the holiday season. You won’t have to sacrifice Christmas for reading! (I make it sound like a bad thing).

My reading goal is to finish 10 books during these thirteen days. It is quite vague and definitely subjected to change, but good as a draft goal. Another goal of mine is to participate in at least 7 of the daily challenges, via Twitter, Tumblr or even the blog itself. Well, I’ll be adding more books to the “Bookshelf” page of my blog, just so I have more choices.

Have a wonderful day, bloggers! Are you planning on entering the Read-a-Thon? If so, leave a link below to your entry post; I’d love to read it! And check out your blog, while I’m at it. 😉

Click here to enter the read-a-thon! 🙂


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