Cheerful, Isolated Harmony [FLASH FICTION]

The following piece is a short but visual piece of my regular mornings. It’s more of a timeless piece, so I was vague as to certain details. But basically, it’s a recollection of my daily awakenings at 6:30 AM (up before any of my family). This is also during summer, the current season in Australia, which explains the early sunrise. 🙂 I’m quite sure it’s winter in a lot of other places, but Australia’s not one of them.

I suppose this is a non-fictional piece. I never thought of it that way; it may be the first non-fiction piece I’ve ever written.

Hope you enjoy it!


The cream curtains are pulled aside.

This begins the filtration of sunrays from the windows, leaving streaks of intense light on the floor. Sunrise has barely begun; yet, the house is livid with brightness, as carefree streams cover the floor. Like an absolute source, it falls on many objects, including the glass jars labelled “Tea” and “Sugar,” reflecting a dazzling array of colours. I sit at the dining table alone, laptop directly in front of me, a box of tissues covered with adorable animals and the word “Australia” in big, colourful letters. A glass of tea evaporates into the air, the steam swirling in the direct light. The air feels cool without the sun’s heated influence yet; the house is hollow, but never alone.

Snoring resonates from both upstairs and across the hall, familiar sounds that echo through one ear and leaves the other. My fingers move in consistent motions across the keyboard. Type, type, type. I take a sip of tea, mixed with one entire tablespoon of sugar, and continue typing, the redeeming sound coexisting with the soft sounds of nightly sleep.



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One thought on “Cheerful, Isolated Harmony [FLASH FICTION]

  1. Hi 🙂 thank you for posting a link to this beautiful piece on my site and – of course – for checking in. I really enjoyed your description of tranquil solitude. very powerfully crafted. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your writing and hoping to welcome you back to my blog sometime too. best, Linda Catherine

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