The Book Abandoning Challenge

How many times have you read a book you absolutely hate, straight to the end, simply because you didn’t want to leave it unfinished? Have you ever let your competitive, obsessive, “I must finish this book” trance overrule your time and energy over a book you would rather burn than read again?

Sadly, I have been in this boat. There are so many books out there I want to read, and somehow, I find myself reading ones I absolutely loathe. And, I find myself reading so many books I am indifferent to, will never read again, and will probably forget the minute I finish, without any consideration as to the other beautiful covers, sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for a pair of hands to flip through them. (Well, kind of –I read using a Kindle, so not quite…)

The Book Abandoning Challenge may be regarded as the ultimate first-world problem, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s still a problem for most book-lovers.

It goes like this: you set a goal to abandon a certain amount of books. This is similar to aiming to read ___ books per year, but more unusual. So the main question everyone’s asking, internally, is why? Why would you want to abandon books? Why would you set up a challenge (or even need one) in order to persuade yourself to start rejecting them?

My answer may not be complex, but it’s a simple, life is too short for bad books. All throughout 8th/9th grade, I read mostly teen-fiction/books everybody else loved, and found I (normally) hated them all. But, simply because I wanted to connect with other readers, I trudged through these books, wasting so, so, so much of my time.

Only this year did I discover so much about myself, because I had, mentally, signed up for this challenge. I found a love for Holocaust fiction (and the dark areas it explores), along with a lot of classics. This year, I’ve read so many historical fiction, and generally liked/loved all of them. Not to mention, there were so many other genres –thriller/mystery– that I explored, by simply allowing myself to broaden my reading range and put down anything I didn’t like.

It’s hard to abandon a book. There is a constant nagging that, as a book-lover, you have to finish a book. However, at the end of the day, you can never take back the time you spent tearing your hair out between the pages of a book you abhorred. So I encourage you –and anyone you know– to take part in this challenge, because knowing that “abandoning a book isn’t a waste” is something every reader needs to know.

There shouldn’t be any obligations that keep you reading. You should only ever read for pleasure (unless, of course, you have a professional career in the literary department that forces you to read genres/material you hate… I’m afraid I can’t do much about that). Find new books you love, broaden your reading abilities, find new stories to cherish.

The best thing about abandoning a book? You can always come back to it later, maybe in five or ten years, where you may suddenly find it enjoyable. But until then, read something you prefer reading. 🙂


Just add the badge to your sidebar, make a post with it, or display it on “Challenges” tab. Make sure to link up your blog! 😀 By the way, this is a fairly flexible challenge. You can do this as 2013 only, or a lifelong challenge –you choose. 🙂



1 – 25 books: Time Management Novice
25 – 75 books: Gracious Leader of the Bookish
76 – 100 books: Book-Loving Genius
100 + books: Master Of All Things Literary

(Yes, I made them up right now).

I, myself, will try for the Book Loving Genius. How about you? 


6 thoughts on “The Book Abandoning Challenge

  1. Actually I abandon books all the time (approx every 4 out of 10 books). As you say it’s a waste of time. Still I read a lot of books I have problems with because you can also learn so much through other people’s mistakes. Great challenge by the way!! Good luck! Cheers.

    • I think that is a wonderful quality you posses! Reading books you hate is, in short, a waste of time. ^_^ Learning from other people’s mistakes, I agree, is also an extremely important thing –however, over the past 2 years, I found myself reading books I hated (the majority of them). So I needed a change. xD
      Thank you for stopping by! 😀

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