Lendle: The PERFECT Library for KINDLE Lovers Worldwide (FREE BOOKS!)

Today, I came across a magnificent website that, quite frankly, changed my life. I was scrolling across lending ebooks, and I was considering starting a library of my own (Amazon allows some titles to be lent). However, what I didn’t expect was a wonderfully massive database filled with EVERY book I’ve ever wanted off Amazon. (Although it’s probably worth mentioning that most of my wanted books are Indie, but Lendle offers all varieties; both traditionally published and indie)

This amazing, FREE website is called Lendle.

I love books, just as I love sharing them with others. Lendle combines these two things so they meld together: I add my books to the database and loan them to other readers, and other readers can borrow my titles. It’s the perfect win-win situation, and I can’t believe I hadn’t known about this earlier.

Lendle is the website that will:

  • Save you buying The Hunger Games/The Book Thief series, because you can loan them (for free!) instead
  • No library fines. After 14 days are over, it simply goes back to the owner.
  • Absolutely legal.
  • No need to physically visit a library anymore.
  • Accessible worldwide (AU, USA, etc.)
  • There are so, so many books out there I want to read from indie authors, but they always cost money to buy. As I’m dependent on free kindle ebooks and physical libraries, it’s disheartening to not get access to them. But now I can!
  • It’s basically a give/receive community. If you give to others, others will give to you. Loan books to others to read, and you can loan more books.
  • Most of my Kindle books were free for a limited time (promotional causes). It’s great when people, who were late to snatch up the deal, can just loan it off me instead.

The actual concept itself relies on the pre-existing Amazon lending program. So what is the Amazon Lending program? It’s when I can lend any of my Kindle books to someone for a maximum of 14 days, for them to read. During that time, I will not be able to access the book. Also, I cannot re-lend that specific book again.

What Lendle does it links you up with strangers so that you have a massive library amongst you. Plus, you NEVER lose access to a title –after the loaning period, it’s returned safely back to your library.

Lendle is absolutely amazing —JOIN NOW BY CLICKING HERE!

(Also, I would be honored if you included my referral code EXV4Y78D when it asks you for one on the sign-up page –shameless promotion, I know) 🙂


12 thoughts on “Lendle: The PERFECT Library for KINDLE Lovers Worldwide (FREE BOOKS!)

    • Yes, you’ll absolutely love it, LittleOnion! 😀
      Be sure to tell me what your username is –I’d love to follow you! ^_^
      Also, the amazing thing about this website is, most of your free books have a lot of value now (since they’re no longer free). And let’s say you REALLY wanted a book, but found you missed the offer, you can still loan it off someone else, because a lot of people managed to claim it. 😀
      It’s an amazing site, really. ^_^

  1. You ROKK if this is true- you will be my newest Hero! i adore my used kindle keyboard i bought myself for my half century bday gift! can hardly wait to check it out cuz i was only able to use that Amazon Prime for the trial period, and miss it so…. you turned my 😦 upside down! 😀

    • I assure you, it’s extremely true. 😉
      And I’m so glad I could help! Kindle books are absolutely amazing, and I hope you can make use of Lendle. 😀

      • I have set myself a task this year, 52 books in 52 weeks 🙂 Look for the post coming soon haha. So far I am ahead and it has been amazing, I have read so many things I wouldn’t normally and discovered new authors.
        Thanks for enabling my reading addiction 🙂

      • You are so very welcome! 😀
        And I think the 52 books in 52 weeks is an amazing goal to have; it helps you read consistently. Meanwhile, I have periods of time where I read NOTHING, and others where I read wayyy too much. 😛

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