Philosophy [A POEM]

I absolutely adore this week’s challenge; teaching and learning is something that is inevitable, and the only thing I do know about life. Using the form of a free-verse/altering pattern, it’s a rather strange format… but the meaning, I believe, is consistent throughout –even if the layout isn’t.

I’ve also been reading the Merchant of Venice, and Shakespeare’s writing is so beautifully inspiring. Maybe that’s why I wanted to write this as a poem; to kind of imitate his structure. Plus, I had philosophy today, and we had a (very short) discussion on ethics and morals. Life is so inspiring. 😀

I chose an simple name for this poem, because it’s a simple subject matter (or, rather, a complex view simplified) I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Can you ever truly define a person?
Is it the food we eat, the water we drink;
The kindness we spread, or the way we think?


Could you evaluate a person
Their life purpose, infinite stories, drowning pain and delights
Their masks in harsh sun and glittery moonlight?


Truly, the world is full of words
Words that repeat in a monotonous tone
Shaved until meanings leave letters alone


Can you ever redeem yourself?
Or is that yet another dazzling, beautiful lie
To defeat thoughts of otherwise


I don’t know the meaning of life
But I believe in the inevitable;
the plain, and the simple:


We teach, we learn;
Somehow, the world turns


Itself is a mystery
I cannot follow



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