A Tragic Song Parody (In More Ways than One)

It’s actually harder to write song lyrics than I initially thought; especially when the tune has already been established. Plus, you need some sort of rhyming scheme –no matter how loosely implemented– to properly construct an actual song. Even when you’re writing parodies, you need to watch your tone and rhythm.

The song I’ve chosen to parody is Justin’s Bieber’s infamous, Baby. Although there are more verses to this same song, I’m afraid there’s only so many seconds I can waste listening to it. I don’t necessarily hate it, but I’m listening to Tee-Shirt by Birdy on repeat. It’s so beautiful.

Anyway, enjoy! I’ve tried to reconstruct the lyrics so it’s more melancholic/dark… basically, the complete  opposite of the original song. 😉

Do you remember
The stars we shared
When the world collapsed and
we were there

Defeated alone
Firing stones
At our hearts that cannot
Ever mend alone


And we declared
“Freedom is our saviour
Oh, don’t you let us live
With little else to spare
Freedom is our saviour
Let us die here alone.”



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9 thoughts on “A Tragic Song Parody (In More Ways than One)

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    • Soumya! Your comment made me laugh so much. I’m sure even singing the song will physically injure some poor souls. You’re a brilliant sadist; well done. 😉 I aspire to be as great as you. ^_^

      • I have a great sense of humour. (Imagine I am saying that with a very narcissistic hair flick)
        Thank you for the praise. Though I am not sure whether to taken that as a insult or a boast. Oh well, the latter should do! And I am going to post my first (well empirically speaking, it should be the second) blog very, very soon so stay tuned!

  2. Love the cute as photo up the top. I have to confess that when I saw the pingback and the title you had for this post I feared you had ripped my attempt a new one hahahaha. Nice work 🙂

  3. Pingback: Might as well get back to work | The Claire Violet Thorpe Express

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