Goodbye June, Hello July

It’s been so long since I’ve written one of these posts! But I definitely enjoyed constructing them, especially since they allowed me to reflect on my past month through only positive things (favourite music, words, events, etc.) June has been a wonderful month, but to be honest, I kind of lost track of everything. I don’t even remember –not quite– when it began, as school was my main preoccupation.

However, I do know it’s been an amazing month. Plenty of challenges, successes and defeats (but with a silver lining, always) and an overall wonderful experience. During this month, I found myself talking to friends on Facebook more, helping new people with studies, and somehow finding ways to read books amongst that time. I also found a new love for manga –something I never tried, despite loving anime for a good two years– and fell in love with Japanese culture once more.

Since the last time, my grades all improved drastically in every subject but one. In that one subject, however, I know precisely what I did wrong: I didn’t understand the concepts properly. At the end of the exam, I remembered thinking: what was that entire thing I learnt this term? only to realise that I knew the formulas, I knew how to apply them, but I didn’t know what the topics actually were. Why are they used? When do they apply to our life? And, immediately, I know how to improve for next term. 🙂

My life, right now, is pretty school-orientated. However, I still manage to fit some of my hobbies here and there, but nowhere near as extensively as I used to. It’s okay, though; I’ve begun to find comfort in social situations, something I didn’t used to feel, and my hobbies include talking to people.

Anyway, rather long introduction in comparison to other posts. I just haven’t written any personal posts recently, so I felt a long introduction necessary. Last day of school today, and it was so fun; card games with classmates, new concepts in physics, and the most awesome flag-app (where you find the names of flags) to engage our competitive natures.



Two favourite songs I’ve heard this month are: Not So Nice by the Vespers and Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.

For the former, The Vespers is probably the most adorable band I’ve ever witnessed. All their songs are so happy, cute, a little nonsensical in their rhyming scheme, but somehow contain a deeper message. Not So Nice strikes me as a favourite with its line, “I’m afraid I might be everything I hate.” It’s such a sweet yet thought-provoking song, with plenty of folk influences. The tune is so catchy.

The other favourite song for this month is Stolen Dance by Milky Chance, which also contains (what I consider) folk influences. I first heard it on the last day of school in my chemistry class, where a girl played it on repeat as “background noise” for our intense game of Uno. Although at first I didn’t like the tune, it slowly grew on me. This is yet another catchy tune with a mainstream edge, but the liveliness of it makes it an instant favourite.


These were originally created for a friend who loathes puns… so naturally, I needed to construct graphics to accompany them. However, I found a strange love for making them; really engages my creative side. All of these masterpieces were designed using the oh-so-trusty MS Paint. They are shockingly low quality, lacks common comprehension, but I love them anyway (because I poured my heart and soul into them).

WARNING: The following may trigger random outbursts of, “Why?!” and “Please, stop” and “Leave.” Parental guidance is recommended for young readers.

Maths C Tangent Vitamin Bee

However, the puns are extremely nerdy, and a knowledge of imaginary numbers and tangents are needed to understand them. (I apologise for any damage to your eyes) As you can see, they are quite brightly coloured.


For the following picture, it’s difficult to label it as a “favourite” as the Vietnam war (that occurred within the Cold War itself) was possibly one of the most tragic events in history. Last year, I took modern history –an extremely depressing subject– but I’ve never learnt so much about the world.

For anybody who needs background info about the Cold War, let me explain: basically, USA (America) and USSR (Soviet Union/Russia) had a conflict of ideologies, initiated by their respective leaders at that time. Somehow, this developed into a war of propaganda, words and a dangerous power struggle. With the introduction of nuclear weaponry, both countries gathered enough to permanently destroy each other. Thus, a “treaty” called the Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D for short) was established. Basically, it stated that if a country were to attack, the other would retreat as violently, causing the mutual destruction of both. It’s really a treaty based on fear.

Instead, both countries used other countries to serve their purpose, as they wanted to avoid fighting directly, and this is how Vietnam got involved. North Vietnam was ruled by communism (USSR); South ruled by capitalism (USA).

^^ That’s a really short (as short as I could make it) description of the Cold War’s relationship to the Vietnam War. Honestly, the Cold War is a fascinating topic; I highly encourage everybody to research it online.

Nick Ut’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo of Trang Bang after Napalm Attack (June 8, 1972)

Upon pondering it again this year, my first instinct was to revive that picture above; a photograph taken during the Vietnam war itself. Look at their expressions above; the look of utter horror, the desperation, the fear. Their inability to look back. The age of the children involved. Their innocence, their drive to resort back to safety.

When I first started modern history, it was easy to see the dates, names, numbers as simple factual information. However, when you discover something like with such complexity as the picture above –the people involved, their faces, and sympathise (because I’ll never truly understand their feelings, as the only way to feel a snake-bite is to get bitten yourself) with their feelings– you realise just how real history is.

That picture moved me. Whenever I think about history, I remember the faces, the people; not the numbers. Somehow, I don’t think I can ever forget this image –it’s etched to the back of my eyelids– and won’t ever stop being affected by it.


Can you believe this post has already exceeded 1,000 words? Wow, I can be extremely verbose when desired. Since this month was during school, I didn’t have enough time to read books. 😦 However, it’s the holidays now (yay!) so I hope to find favourite books. Thank you for reading! Please feel free to link me to your own month’s worth of favourites; I would love to check them out!


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