you [pronoun]; a person forever changing

This week’s Daily Post is to expand on a fifty-word story in the form of a post. All of the fifty-worded stories were wonderful with so many unanswered questions and possible scenarios. However, I chose one that possibly constructed the least amount of questions, because it resonated with me the most. Anyway, the following (beautiful) fifty-worded story is by Motus Gratia Lux.

Feelings are mixed, when being so far for so long. I wonder how it is, back there, everything at its same place. Maybe not quite the same.

Little matters anyway, things have changed, things have grown. In unexpected directions, perhaps, but they look lovely, in the sunlight, by the lake.

(“Little Matters” by Motus Gratia Lux)

Words I Extract from this Piece: Nostalgia, personality, emotions, the past.  You are the change, the growth in unexpected directions and are the sunlight, and at the end, your old personality is nothing but a mixture of feelings.


We all change according to who we’re speaking to. Even if it doesn’t reflect our personality when we’re alone. But, sometimes, it’s frightening just how easily your surroundings affect you as a person. Sometimes, it’s even to an immeasurable degree. Whenever I hang around someone, my persona changes –even if subtly– to match theirs. It’s inevitable; I know of its existence, but have no control over it.

However, sometimes that persona sticks even after I’m away from them.

There’s a quote that goes like this:

I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. You are, indeed, a reflection of the people you spend the most time with. Sometimes, we collide with other people, collecting bits and pieces of their personality and making them our own. Sometimes, you don’t even know them that long, but have spent a great amount of time together, leading you to capture some of their mannerisms and quirks.

Recently, I’ve become good friends with a girl who once lived in USA –and therefore has an American accent– and developed something that sounds similar to that. I used to say the word, “here” like “hey-a” but now fully pronounce the “r” as “hey-are.” It was so strange. Now, however, I think my accent is back to normal… but I know it won’t last long. Things that are exclusive to my personality are so eerily temporary.

I, knowingly, have different personalities with different people. With my dad, I’m more assertive than my “normal” personality; with my mum, I’m a lot more critical of the world around me. Around some friends, I complain about every single thing, while with others, I am sunshine personified –only because they are, too.

At the same time, there are personal belief systems we have, that we always abide. I will never, ever, ever cross during a red traffic light –it doesn’t matter who I’m with. It’s a small thing, but it’s etched into my personality.

At least, for now.

I know that even this standard, which I consider a defining value, can also alter. Tomorrow, I may meet  someone I aspire to become, and watching them cross during a red traffic light may drown my own moral code. The truth is, who we are is a reflection of our past, the people around us, and our own dreams and aspirations for the future.

But this also means we’re a blank slate at any time. You are, unknowingly, not the same person you were a certain time (respective to the person, it can be a year or five minutes) ago. Keeping this in mind, you are then completely free to improve yourself for the future.

You are not the same person anyway. Why not go with what improves yourself?


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