Behind the Mirror [PHOTO CHALLENGE]

DISCLAIMER: This photo doesn’t belong to me/I didn’t take it… but isn’t it beautiful?

This marks my first ever attempt at the Weekly Photo Challenge. With a new charger for my iPod, it’s finally functioning, leading to a whole world of photos and inspiration to capture. With the theme of adventure, I don’t think of the conventional –rock-climbing, sky-diving, searching for treasure in a lost maze– but rather, I perceive self-discovery.

Self-discovery and self-awareness also falls in the adventure category, but possibly even more important. 


Mum’s beautiful vintage-styled mirror and my two-year-old self grinning at the camera, somewhat resembling a doll; this is the result of their combination.


A journey of self discovery, where the mirror reflects your past and only you can determine the future.

Your past reflects events leading to the person you today… but in the end, it’s just a reflection of a living, breathing you. Whether you choose to acknowledge the past or not, it will always reflect something about your present. But it doesn’t define you. Two-dimensional, affected easily by environmental variations, fixed and a non-living thing: it can never complete with the original. Although your past may be restricted to a single photo frame, your future is interminable and adaptable to your desire.




47 thoughts on “Behind the Mirror [PHOTO CHALLENGE]

  1. That is one of the best adventure posts I’ve seen this week. And I quite agree about the adventure of self-discovery. But, you probably guessed that from my posts that you kindly linked to your blog. Thanks! I think I’ll follow your posts of self=discovery and see where your inner adventures lead you. 🙂

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