obscurity [a series of hipster selfies]

Selfies. Not a single member of my generation is unaware of its definition –they flood social media sites, overwhelm newspapers and the news, and exist as a symbol exclusively to us (for the better or worse is debatable). I’ve never been against selfies, but the concept behind it felt competitive (who can get more likes? omg, I can’t believe she just got more views than me #rood) and the idea just seems… unappealing. Even more humourous are the deep, meaningful quotes that have, sadly, nothing to do with the actual image.

That said, the trend of selfies always fascinated me. Call it peer pressure, but I’m fascinated by Instagram filters and obscuring/emphasising certain parts of your face —it’s almost like an art. Equipped with red lip-gloss and closed curtains, a whole series of selfies were born.

The following 5 selfies have a fully unedited version (first picture) and an edited one, which was done using Instagram. Funnily enough, I liked the original photos more than the edited versions. Although the edited ones are more aesthetically pleasing, the original ones appear more natural and easier on the eyes… but editing them in itself was exciting.

Selfie #1


EDIT: Obscurity with my left eye edited out. I like the darker/concealed part of my face, and the overall warmer tone compared to the original.

Selfie #2


EDIT: Special lighting and focus on my lips. It makes them look more red, due to the lighting. My eyes are also slightly concealed and blurred to place more emphasis on my lips.

Selfie #3


EDIT: I actually preferred the original photo, due to its warmer tone. However, my eventual edit included a cool tone and added darkness that made the photo look more mystical.

Selfie #4


EDIT: Possibly my plainest and least glamourest edit, but I love how human it looks. My eyes were the focal point in this picture, although this fact is quite ambiguous to perceive.

Selfie #5


EDIT: I prefer photos where I’m smiling, so this is possibly my favourite. Extra light on the face; suits the happy smile. I also adore the greenish tint that appeared as a result of increasing the exposure and applying a certain filter (although I can’t remember which one).

* * *

CONCLUSION: Extremely understated fact of life –selfies are extremely fun, to both take and edit. Instagram is my new hero. Next time, I’ll find more irrelevant quotes to post along with infamous standard selfies faces (eg. duck faces, reflection of the mirror, etc.), and absurd hashtags (#yoloswag2092, #horses4acuz) Let us hope next time never arrives. 😉

* * *



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