6 Simple Food Quirks in My Everyday Life

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Although food isn’t necessarily my strongest love (you will never be replaced, oh dear books), it’s undoubtedly my first. Food celebrates events, people and is just a word associated with happiness and culture. In Bengali tradition, inviting someone over requires adequate amount of food, as it’s both a welcome sign and symbol of friendship, and I suppose it’s a perception I’ve grown up with.

With its rich tradition and its large occupation within my heart, I sometimes have to revaluate my quirks when eating. To me, however, these are the simplest ideas ever –a way of life, even.

1. I eat all food by hand… except for salmon and chicken nuggets

For cultural reasons, all Bangladeshis tend to eat using their hands and avoid using utensils. Funnily enough, I love using utensils when eating salmon and chicken nuggets –both where, I suppose, you don’t really need to use them– because… actually, there is no valid, logical reason. I simply like it.

2. I dislike cooked carrots, but adore raw ones. (This is also applicable to tomatoes) 

The texture. Sometimes, it’s not about the taste, but the texture. I dislike the mushy composition that results from melted, cooked carrots. The mushy result disgusts me, but it’s a personal quirk.

3. I cannot drink more than one can of soft drink a day.

I’m an extremist with junk food; I can eat multiple chocolates, ice creams and biscuits in a single day (although I try to avoid this happening), and yet, this isn’t applicable to soft drink. One is simply enough. Or perhaps I have a stronger preference for other types of food.

4. I dislike onions with a passion.

The taste itself isn’t abhorent, but the actual texture is terrible. The way it feels in my mouth; crunchy, but simultaneously kind of soft. Throughout my life, Mum’s always tried to sneak it in my food, but I manage to segregate and isolate (yes, I’m using powerful modern history vocabulary to express the extent of my disgust) these hazardous pieces of poison. Perhaps they are harmless to my digestive system, but not to my restless psychological state.

5. I add too much sugar to my daily cup of tea.

I’m one of those avid tea drinkers who drink at least one cup a day –sometimes, even more. However, white sugar (and heaps of it) is a definite must. At one point, I tried to switch to artificial sugar, but ended up switching back –the taste is quite artificial and a potential health risk in a different way.

6. I hate celery with a passion.

I will not add to this. Just the idea of of it makes me cringe. The hatred for celery, however, runs quite consistently through my family tree (both my parents hate it, too). Once, when I expressed my hatred to a friend, they recommended I dip it in peanut butter. Unfortunately, I’m not brave enough to buy celery (I dislike wasting food, and I’m 10000% certain that’s will be the outcome of that purchase) but fully intend to try this… one day.

* * *

Despite this hefty list, I’m not a very picky eater at all; I would eat anything and everything, provided it meets the dietary requirements of a Muslim, isn’t rotten and doesn’t contain raw, crunchy onions.

Not even a little bit.

Yes, Mum, I’m watching you.

* * *



22 thoughts on “6 Simple Food Quirks in My Everyday Life

  1. Hey Ramisa. I have Bangladeshi friends so I know all about the eating with hands. Its quite remarkable though how we can learn to adapt. I mean, its a survival skill when you think about it.

    Imagine being stuck somewhere without utensils, those that aren’t used to eating with their hands will struggle and be wasteful whereas those that can will find it much easier.

    I guess some will say the whole hygiene thing but I don’t really see it. I eat with my hands often myself being a Pakistani. And I realised Rice taste a lot better when eating with hands, which was really weird.

    • Hi Desperado. 🙂

      I’ve actually never thought about it that way! I kind of assumed that people who use utensils can switch easily to their hands. But you’re right; it’s a great survival skill; hopefully it won’t be tested in the near future, though.

      As for hygiene, utensils can also be unhygienic if not properly washed. I do understand why others may consider it unhygienic, but if you properly wash your hands, it shouldn’t have any impact. 🙂

      Ooh, that’s cool; I’ve never tried eating rice with utensils before. Definitely on my to-do list. 😀

      Thank you so much for stopping by! 😀

      • You’re most welcome. I’ll be following your blog because you seem very genuine and interesting.

        I agree. Once the hands are thoroughly washed, it is the same as eating with clean utensils. Like you said, utensils can also be unclean and therefore it is just as bad as unclean hands.

        And yeah, rice with utensils is actually not very easy as compared to other foods. I tend to find it hard to finish the plate because there are always a bit left that is hard to reach with a spoon. Hands make life so much easier.

      • Thank you so much for the follow! I’m following you guys for the same reason 🙂 There’s such a warm, united atmosphere to Sleeping Geeks –I love it.

        Hands really do make life so much easier. Rice does stick to the plate, so it’d be hard to scrape off using utensils. Most impressive of all are those who can eat rice using chopsticks. :O They are my hero.

      • I really want to learn to eat with chopsticks. I would feel so amazing. Definitely on my to-do list for this life.

        And thanks for the positive feedback. We really do enjoy working together and have bonded really well over the year.

      • I bought chopsticks for 20 cents at my local supermarket. I’ve watched countless YouTube videos and still can’t handle them, haha. Well, I guess they make great knitting needles. 😉

  2. Hi and thanks for including my post and I have to agree with you about cooked carrots, hate them and yes I’m the grown woman sitting down to dinner and will pick them out of my food 🙂 but I do love raw carrots.

    • No problem!
      Hahahaha! That would be a wonderful sight to see… a reflection of myself in the near future. 😉
      I’m currently chewing raw carrots and loving every second. :’)

  3. I used to hate onions, too. Until my pa explained how snakes tend to avoid you if you eat them (something to do with the smell?). I’m not sure if it’s true, but I still consume them 🙂

    • Wow, that’s so interesting. Urban legend or not, eating onions can only be beneficial for you. 😀
      ^ My mother says that as she attempts to shove more onions in my mouth. 😥

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