Stacking the Shelves (#1)

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. The banner is obtained from The Obsessive Book Seller. Although this is a weekly meme, I’ll be holding it every month instead. No specific date, though. 


I adore books. My bibliophile self embraces the smell, touch, and taste (!) of books, often to the point where I admire their aesthetic, physical features than the words between pages. Although this bookish meme is weekly (every Saturday), I rarely attain new books. Finishing the ones I currently have is a lifetime of trouble. Therefore, this meme will be held monthly to ensure sufficient content.

Anyway, this month I volunteered at my local OP-shop and grabbed every interesting book. It was my father’s worst nightmare (sorry, Dad) and my mother’s reason to sniffle and dramatically sigh (sorry, Mum). Books, however, I do not regret. ❤


  1. The Grand Design – Stephen Hawking + Leonard Mlodinow [I’ve read a couple of pages of this, and absolutely adore Hawking’s writing style. I fully intend to read this book, not simply display it on my shelf to appear intelligent –although why not have both? The crossover between physics + philosophy is fascinating. So excited to begin reading]
  2. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho  [This one is an award-winning book. Seems philosophical. I love the texture of the pages; it’s one of those soft pages, that kind of blend with your fingers]
  3. Odd One Out – Monica McInerney [An Australian book from an Australian writers, which I’ve found I have a preference for. They are always unconventional relative to books from other countries (from personal experience)]
  4. The Bedside Dickens – Charles Dickens [A collection of excerpts from Dickens. I’ve once tried reading A Tale of Two Cities but unfortunately gave up; his writing style revolved around strings of run-on sentences I had difficulty understanding. Nevertheless, I want to try again. 🙂 ]
  5. Human, All Too Human – Friedrich Nietzsche [I first heard of this philosopher in A Philosophy of Walking, where his seclusion from society was a heavy theme in his preference for isolation –and walking. Also, one of his quotes hangs on my philosophy classroom’s walls. I read a couple of pages, particularly those in the “women and child” section, and fell in love with his insights]
  6. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – Rachel Joyce [Undoubtedly the quirkiest novel I’ve picked up. I have no clue what it’s about; I guess I’ll uncover this between pages later.]
  7. Collected Poems – Philip Larkin [A lot of swearing in this book. I love it. From one of the poems I’ve read, it’s a perfect example of how expressive language can be… even with socially unacceptable words.]
  8. White Gardenia – Belinda Alexandra [Historical fiction. Redemption. Love. Survival. Need I say more? Intrigued by the beautiful cover and the pitch.]
  9. The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted – Bridget Asher [France. Food. Family. Travel. Light-hearted, as a first impression, but I’m most certainly wrong. I can only prove this hypothesis by actually reading the novel]
  10. Gitanjali – Rabindranath Tagore [As a Bangladeshi, Tagore is one of the most famous writers. Even my literature-dismissive parents acknowledge and adore his writing. Gitanjali was awarded the Nobel Prize; there’s definitely merit here. Although the true essence of the work may be lost through translation, I’ll try to retain as much beauty through his prose]



The Mastership Game – Scott McBain [A close friend lent this to me, describing it as, Profound, and one worthy of a reread (even though he never rereads books). It currently sits on my shelf with a bookmark at page 50 –I absolutely intend to read the rest of it soon. I promised him I wouldn’t read reviews; I’ve kept it, even now]


A lot of exciting books on my Kindle. These are only a select few I’ve downloaded for free from OHFB (One Hundred Free Books) and I highly encourage any Amazon advocates to visit it. 🙂



What’s on your shelf? 😀


Leave a comment! They make my day. ♥

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