Goodbye October, Hello November

This post is astonishingly overdue (in fact, we’re halfway through the month of November!) but better late than never. October was an eventful month, especially with the amount of challenges and obstacles I overcame. Most of them involved friendships and social environments. For me, this is rather unusual, but a welcome change from my usual pondering of “should I drink more tea?” (a question with a permanent answer equivalent to, “does the sun exist?”)

My fondest (heavy sarcasm here) memory involved the series of consequent all-nighters my extensive assignments required, nearing the start of this term. Throughout this entire year, my organisational skills were impeccable; I completed all my homework, tasks and exam revision on time. But those assignments shattered that routine. Now, I have 6 more torturous exams to complete –one for each subject– and the mere thought brings immense pleasure and joy.

I am currently drinking tea stressfully. The irony is not lost on me. 

Favourite Book

A friend lent me his copy of The Mastership Game to borrow. At a second-hand book sale with literally thousands of books, he somehow chose this one. It is the true definition of fate.

The Mastership Game – Scott McBain [GOODREADS LINK]

Despite being a rather unknown “indie” book, its sheer brilliance cannot be undermined. It begins quite slow. In fact, with the exception of approximately the last 50 pages, the entire book provides a rather long journey; one you’re not particularly compelled to undertake, but do regardless due to curiosity.

Then, the last 50 pages arrive. And you hold your breath, wide-eyed, unable to steer your eyes away from the pages.

It contrasts heavily against the majority of the book; a journey you mistakenly thought predictable. Suddenly, you recognise –and understand– the reasoning behind this extensive journey, and why it’s a requirement.

I am strongly to read more thrillers; I enjoyed this one immensely. Immediately after finishing the book, I feel wiser –the same thought the friend who loaned it to me had. With its insightful reflection upon philosophy, psychology and power, this book rekindled my love for literature.

Favourite Song

Undoubtedly my favourite song at this moment. The lyrics somehow resonate with me. Although I never leave YouTube comments, I felt compelled for this one.

Interpretations may vary, but I see a struggle between moral conscience and darker human nature. The man is impulsively and naturally evil. The “I” and “me” refers to himself as a moral person; the “you” refers to the villain within him. The thing is, though, these two sides belong to the same person. He cannot destroy the devil without destroying himself. In the end, it’s a war within his head –and one he cannot win.
Its philosophical and psychological nature attracts me. 🙂 Like the previous commenter mentioned, the lyrics are definitely ones worth pondering.

The lyrics are eerily beautiful.

Favourite Instrumental Music

I first discovered this song through an YouTube spiral and immediately fell in love. It’s a reminder of simpler times; Year 10, CodeAcademy, writing, a lot of tea and summer holidays with no responsibilities. Oh, how nostalgic it all is. 🙂


Favourite App

One day, I visited the Apple app store. To my great luck, Day One, a journalling app, was offered for free. With its sleek design, effortless input of data –I jot down quick ideas for posts, little snippets of thoughts, etc.– it’s the perfect present for bloggers, writers and anyone who needs something simple to contain ideas.

Unfortunately, its actual price is rather pricey at $6.49. But it’s still a wonderful app.

Favourite Pun

Somebody needs to hire me in the graphic artist industry. This masterpiece belong next to The Mona Lisa –in fact, I imagine the sole reason behind this piece’s lack of publication is because da Vinci’s work would pale in comparison.

Fairy Floss

Proudly created using Microsoft Paint. You are welcome.


And that concludes my October post! As a side-note, I’m also participating in NaNoWriMo and have managed to pen approximately 12,000 words thus far… but this trend has, sadly, halted (see also: ridiculous amounts of assessment to finish). Although I want to add more, beautiful Kepler’s Laws and wondrous molecular structures await me.

*continues drinking tea stressfully*



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