If You Leave [VIGNETTE]

After listening to Shallows by Daughter on repeat, this If You Leave Daily Post Prompt spoke to me on a spiritual level. It’s been a while since my construction of fictional pieces –I suppose today marks the perfect opportunity to drown in creative flair, adorn words in metaphors and sip cups of rich black tea (metaphorically, of course, as caffeine proves disastrous for impending sleep. My computer’s clock currently strikes a late 7:51 pm)

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

Ashen clouds hang overhead on frail, silver thread reflecting a small glimmer of light and on the verge of breakage. There is a distant shadow. Heavy footsteps that demand to sink into the velvet, bitter carpet underneath your feet, trace away from the clouds; instead, they approach a newfound darkness. Not from foreseeable evil, but inevitable trepidation surrounding the unknown.

With soft-spoken words like gentle grains of sand, you whisper, “Goodbye.”

Suddenly, the clouds that once hovered above your head shatter into a thousand pieces. The vortex of the unknown indicates a whole array of future possibilities; some to break your heart into two, others to showcase your sparkling teeth, like raving sunflowers blowing in the breeze.

And at first, your forget-me-not eyes fixate behind your shoulder. Apprehension ignites in your stomach, causing breathing to become a merciless challenge, testing every form of endurance. You wonder if the end is near –perhaps the future is a colourful festival of spring and glitter, but intangible, forever an inexperience of delirium. Perhaps whatever awaits the tense darkness ahead provides greater despair than ever imagined.

Or maybe, a curtain of hope encompasses an eternal spring of love, freedom and a blossoming carefree mindset.

Even with a million reasons to not continue, and an overshadowing urgency to return on a ship about to sink, the steps grow lighter and swifter, until your eyelids flutter close.

Inhale. Exhale.





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