5 Songs Currently On Replay

It’s difficult to choose songs to describe my week, as I never take time into account when listening to music. Rather, this compilation depicts the most replayed songs… recently (oh, what a specific time-frame I’ve provided). Hopefully, you’ll bypass the songs’ randomness –that skip across a multitude of genres, ideas and overall themes– and perhaps find enrichment in the lyrics.

And if not, soz. (My first “text-talk” word on this blog! I am so proud of myself ^_^ )


“Tell them all I know now
Shout it from the rooftops
Write it on the skyline
All we had is gone now”
— Impossible, James Arthur

This particular song blasted through supermarket radios, following me unabashedly until, eventually, I begged iPhone’s Siri for the title. True to its word, Siri’s robotic voice chirped, “I believe this is Impossible by James Arthur” with a shameless link to Apple’s store for direct purchase –a link my frugal-self will (proudly) never accept.

But the lyrics are beautifully raw… almost to the point of painstaking. They strike a chord with every replay.


“How will I know if you’re thinking of me
I try to phone but I’m too shy (can’t speak)
Falling in love is so bitter sweet
This love is strong why do I feel weak.”

— How Will I Know, Sam Smith

Another song resounding in shopping centres –something I frequented during the tediously long school holidays– picked up by Siri. Sam Smith’s voice is a gift from heaven. How does a person’s vocal chords even reach such depths, send shivers up my spine, and place lingering meaning onto otherwise simple words?

Whitney Houston’s version is rather upbeat –a complete contrast from this cover– and a carrier of unexpectedly insightful lyrics, hidden underneath heavy influences. Similar to Jason Walker’s Kiss Me (one of my all-time favourites, by an exceptional artist) in the same “pop-song-sung-like-soft-ballad” style, both covers reside in a special place within my heart.


“And when we go crashing down,
we come back every time.
Cause we never go out of style.”

Style, Taylor Swift

Admittedly, Taylor Swift’s 1989 album (alternatively titled: “well-crafted pop songs that have, officially, become my guilty pleasure”), is another favourite during the past week/month. Due to copyright restrictions, only covers and mash-ups –like the link above– are available on YouTube. Their cover of Style lead me to the song, rather than the typical vice versa situation. And their voices. Wow.


“It’s a new art form
showing people how little we care (yeah)
We’re so happy
even when we’re smilin’ out of fear.”

Tennis Court, Lorde

Lorde is simply divine. No other word can quite sum up the stylish dark lipstick, confronting lyrics and overall eccentric approach this young artist brings. With music pleasing to the mainstream ear, she redefines the pop genre with fantastic indie influences –although this is more evident in Buzzcut Season– and deep, thought-provoking lyrics. A definite must-hear for any fans of art-pop/indie-pop, or even simply indie.



“With shortness of breath,
I’ll explain the infinite.
How beautiful and rare
it truly is that we exist.”

Saturn, Sleeping At Last

For the past week, those last two lines spiralled –to a point where my mouth subconsciously formed the words during daily commutes. I initially dismissed the lyrics at a first glance –“rarity? All around me is life”– but that’s by ignoring the lyrics’ true intentions. Life itself is so beautiful.

Something strange happened that week: I viewed the world through rose-tinted glasses, these words on the tip of my tongue, the melody ringing through my mind. Sleeping at Last is an extraordinary band. I have developed a fondness for songs referencing space, galaxies, and the vastness of the universe… all a reminder of a bigger picture.




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