A Delightful Surprise [“Risking Exposure”; a paperback gift from the author]

This post is immensely overdue –in fact, possibly a couple of months or so. For this, I blame high school, the world of anime and the abundant book sales I’ve recently visited, indulging in literary goodness. But there are no words to express my gratitude.

During my summer vacation (December-January holidays), I received a package from the post office. Although this wasn’t an unexpected arrival–the author had previously emailed me about sending a copy of Risking Exposure, one of my favourite novels, as a token of appreciation for my support– my heart sang. Then, after 10 seconds of excitement intensifying exponentially, I finally held it in my hands: a paperback copy of Risking Exposure.

All throughout this suspenseful reveal, my parents watched in silent anticipation, before eventually  bombarding me with questions. From “What is this book about?” and “Where did the author find out about you?“, I answered their questions in Bengali.

Since this was mid-afternoon, birds chirped in the distance, and sunlight streamed through the windows: the external world seemed to mirror my internal happiness.

My father, although he’s a reluctant reader, vowed to read this book… one day. Alongside his reluctance to engulf in literature, he also struggles with procrastination. (I’ve already confirmed that, in reality, he will never touch this novel; however, the fact he was fascinated by the plot confirms its thoughtfulness and intrigue)

I plan to force (ahem, politely persuade) other friends with interest in Nazi Germany to encounter this novel. Furthermore, I now possess a paperback copy ready to lend, making “polite persuasion” immensely easier.

It’s difficult expressing how beautiful and important this novel is to me. A quick backtrack to my previous posts will confirm this. Truthfully, I am moved by the author’s thoughtfulness to regard a simple, and wish Jeanne Moran the absolute best for the (much anticipated —especially by me!) sequel.


After initially opening the novel, I discovered the following dedication, scribed in the first page. It’s written by the author herself, in beautiful loopy handwriting I will forever desire, but never attain.  This truly is a reward of the greatest kind. Thank you, Jeanne Moran.

A transcript:

For Ramisa, a fellow writer!
-with appreciation for your support & enthusiasm for this book.
Best wishes for 2015!
Jeanne Moran





25 thoughts on “A Delightful Surprise [“Risking Exposure”; a paperback gift from the author]

  1. A lovely surprise, indeed.
    It is strange that people tend to shy away from the inside story of Nazi Germany, I have recently finished editing a fascinating one on the subject of Maria Orsich, Hitler’s Medium, where I found the research quite harrowing at times. Anyway, so far it seems that prospective publishers haven’t received it with the enthusiasm I would have expected.

    • That sounds so interesting; I’ll Wikipedia that term the minute I send this message. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that –I suppose our current society strives more on commercial success than literary expertise, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but means some extremely well-written books are overlooked :/ Please do keep me updated about this book! (Also, your position as an editor is so impressive. I once attempted amateur editing for a friend, and staying focused is such a difficult task)

      • The book is Goddess of the Devil – Hitler’s Medium by Mart Sander (you can Wiki him!) and it is a riveting and page-turning story full of twists and surprises even though the historical background is as accurate as one can hope for.

      • The trailer tells too much about the era and too little about the fascinating way the book develops the topic and keeps the riveted reader guessing with twist after twist.
        The paintings are amazing – I will be posting on just one series of them soon.

  2. What I inscribed was genuine – I did it to thank you. Without the personal support of fans like you who spread their enthusiasm for the book by word of mouth, my story would not have found a home in so many hearts.
    Wishing you well!
    P.S. I’m about halfway through the sequel 🙂

    • You have no idea how excited I am to hear this. :’) I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel. Please inform me when it’s out! (As it appears, my current position as a high school senior = detachment from the real world. I’m currently losing track of everything)

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