B is for Beauty

Beauty. Depending on your different historical, cultural or societal backgrounds, you will imagine a specific, idealised version of beauty –one that differs from someone cultivated by another context. And, common to any established beauty standard, those who don’t possess these features naturally are encouraged to seek alternative methods to achieve them. Makeup is deigned to do exactly this: enhance, shape, and highlight your features –not to increase your beauty, an undefined term, but to help you become a particular ideal set by your respective society. 

But somewhere along the track, these ideals and beauty become synonymous. Wearing makeup is not an accurate indicator of your beauty. Yet, you can be stereotyped according to how much you wear, what you wear, and why you wear it… to such an extent, we are judged on an arbitrary decision.

Beneath the makeup an inherently beautiful person, for the simple quality of being human. Wearing makeup brings you closer to a particular societal ideal, yes, but your appearance is a devastatingly small aspect of you —as a human, as a masterpiece.

Below is a breathtakingly beautiful video that encapsulates and confronts society’s perception of beauty… and a final message we should all take to heart.

(NOTE: This is part of the “Fearful Symmetry” challenge, where every line of the post begins with the same letter –fittingly, B is for Beauty, like the post’s title. My writing is currently rusty, and this short post took an embarrassingly long time. Yet, this video needs more recognition, and I intend to rewatch it for the third time –it never loses its power).




19 thoughts on “B is for Beauty

  1. I really loved this video, and I’m so glad that you’ve shared it with us. For someone who has struggled with depression because of severe acne and wear makeup to make myself feel better (but got laughed at by my friends because it’s “fake”), this video has moved me to tears and I feel empowered by it. Thank you ❤

    • Jean, you are so welcome ❤
      I feel as if there should be quotation marks around "friends" as well. Wearing makeup does not make you less human or less real. It saddens me when girls are ridiculed for something that HONESTLY IS NOT AN ISSUE.
      But I'm so glad that video has helped you ❤ The creator is wonderful.

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