Creative Blogger Award

I was nominated by my dear friend, Emma Snow, for the Creative Blogger Award, over at Books Forget Me Knot. Not only do I simply adore her clever blog title, but I’m an active reader of Emma’s excellent blog –check it out! ❤

The Rules:

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

(Yikes, I’m not sure I know that many bloggers to tag… we shall see 😉 )


  1. I am a huge Oscar Wilde fan. His novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is my favourite all-time novel, and one I’d advise everyone to read –even if only once. Its complexity, uncanny depth through the most unconventional methods, and brilliant execution of satire (I could contend this fully in an fully-developed essay), strikes the perfect balance of light-heartedness and thought-provoking social commentary on Hedonism, Aestheticism, and social conformity of the Victorian era. Not to mention, Wilde himself is an excellent conversationalist & wit, and his personality shines through the beautiful prose of The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’m. Absolutely. In. Love. I chose to study Wilde at every opportunity during my high-school English/English Extension assignments, because I knew I’d never tire of his novels. Every re-reading enriched an already brilliant work of literature.
  2. Next year, I hope study a Bachelor of Laws. In my previous post, a rather confused (and frenzied!) Ramisa was trying to choose between multiple options… only to realise, not very long after, that her heart belongs with philosophy, humanities and the “real world” outside. At least, in this current moment. I’m forever changing; my degree may, like everything else, also change. I’m willing to accept that.
  3. A secret: I dislike how guarded my writing is at this current moment. It appears I still struggle with vulnerability, as I still fear my own sensitivity/emotional reactivity. You see, my beloved aunt, a professional musician, expressed once: creativity is an extremely emotional process; you can’t be submerged in both reality (in this context, she meant the pursual of academic studies) and creativity. All throughout my life, these words rung true to me.
  4. I am so enthralled about Daughter’s upcoming album, Not to Disappear. It shall be released on 15th January 2016. Current listening to their new single below, “Doing the Right Thing,” and my heart is metaphorically at a complete halt.
  5. I’m extremely tired and should sleep now (12:45 am). My sleeping cycle has been disastrously irregular since the ceasing of high-school –no responsibilities, obligations and commitments hasn’t been good for my self-control. Must practice more restraint.


  1. The Duck & The Owl
  2. Gabrielle the Authoress
  3. 65percent
  4. Akhiz Munawar

7 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

  1. ‘The picture of Dorian Grey” has been on my list for a long time. There is a movie based on it as well, which I haven’t seen either. But now that you so highly recommend it, I will definitely read it as soon as possible!

    Many congratulations on the award. So glad to see you pop on my reader this evening! Welcome back.

    Much love,
    Zee ❤

    • Zee ❤
      I have not seen the movie myself (of The Picture of Dorian Gray), but I can contend that the book is 101% breathtaking. While it is a classic –and thus, not an easy read opposed to current fiction– it's definitely one of the easier ones. It never tries to obscure meaning. 😉
      I'm so happy to find you, too ❤ Did I tag you in that post for this award? I intended to! ❤ (if not, then you are officially tagged; I would love to see what's going on in your life).
      Thank you for the warm welcome ❤ It's good to be home 😀
      Returning a lot of love,

      • Oh thank you very much Ramisa, It was a pleasure to see you around. Can’t wait to read more beautiful posts from you 🙂

        Will definitely look for the the book you so highly recommend ! 😉
        Happy New Year < 3

      • Oh, the pleasure is all mine ❤ I'm looking forward to new posts by you, too! It appears I need to check my WordPress feeds more often 😉

  2. Hey Remy! 🙂 I so need to read The Picture of Dorian Gray. My boyfriend actually has told me on multiple occasions to pick it up and READ IT. Your beautiful commentary actually has made me want to read it even MORE. I think I have a copy but most of my books are still boxed away. There is not enough shelf space, unfortunately 😦

    I hope you are doing well. Keep on writing! I miss you! ❤

    • My dearest Emma, oh, please tell me your thoughts after you read it ❤ I'm certain you will enjoy the book, and take your time finding a copy. After you find the perfect copy, the reading comes easily & quickly 😉 And my regards to Kevin! 😀
      Oh, I miss you as well ❤ Keep on writing! 😀 ❤ (I need to comment more on your blog, but I'm an avid reader! I shall stop being a silent one as soon as I return from holiday ❤ 😉 )

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