Good Morning, Sunshine!

If I had to write a blog-post perfectly… I’d simply not blog at all.

– someone else probably said it first, but… (Ramisa Raya, 2016)

How many incomplete, scrapped first-drafts do I have buried in my dashboard? How many blog-posts end with”Hello I am–” [DELETE]? While these are rhetorical questions… if your answer is “Too many for comfort,” please kindly give yourself a gold-star.

No content in this one. Basically an oath to begin blogging again. Clearly, I’m having difficulty writing after this incredibly long break, but oh, how I miss it so. And I generally miss the WordPress community immensely too.

A couple of updates: 

  • I am currently a law student! And strangely enjoying it a lot, even though this blog-post is the first —ahem– instance of “normal English” I’ve written in weeks, excluding chats.
  • Currently tutoring English, both in-person and over Skype.
  • Loving the university life. Oh, the freedom is absolutely liberating. While I’m thankful that, in my senior years, I found a deep devotion & passion for academia… I am afraid I’ve lost a lot of myself. I want to start reading and writing again. (I am sadly nowhere near the reading goal/usual annual number of books I read 😦 Maybe it’s time to restart again…)
  • Have been a volunteer intern at 7 Cups. I will blog about this soon. 🙂 Truly one of the most satisfying things I’ve done/am doing.
  • Met the amazing Emika over at Emika’s Lit Life. A truly inspiring blog with an inspiring author –I’ve learnt so much from her already. ❤
  • Also. My cooking skills have a increased exponentially by a factor of 1,000,000. (Just to annoy my fellow English-nerds… literally 😉 ).
  • Can we talk about how perfect Zootopia is? If you haven’t watched the movie already, please consider it. If you’re hesitant to watch it because it’s animated –and therefore aimed for children, and not a tax-paying, briefcase-holding, strutting adult such as yourself– then you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only is the vocabulary too complex, but the underlying themes as (a) relevant to contemporary issues and justice, (b) subtly nuanced and exceptionally executed, and (c) are metaphors awaiting your bloodshot eyes, triggered by a consecutive fortnight of sleeping at 3 a.m., where your sixth cup of coffee of the hour begins questioning your sanity.
  • Only six? Why stop there?” the little cup of strong, black coffee squeaks. Then, fetching a top-hat and cane from seemingly nowhere, it performs an Oscar-worthy performance, signing from the top of its miniature lungs, “C-O-F-F-E-E… I thought you cared about me. But alas, I was wrong. Didn’t expect this t-to…” [sniffle] “…be…” [tears stream] “...such a… such a sad song.” [an outcry]
  • And this marks your descent into madness. Maybe refrain from reaching that 6th cup next time. ❤
  • Ahem.
  • Clearly, I am not ready to accept I am now, legally, an adult. But not officially –never officially. Therefore, I will continuously stereotype and degrade the adult-stereotype in attempts of suppressing my own insecurities of (i) not being able to handle responsibilities, (ii) a general loss of direction & aim, and (iii) realising how quickly time has passed. It’s unsettling.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my rambling. Thank you for staying this long. ❤

ACTIVITY: Share 3 facts about yourself in the “Comments” below. Yes, you. Looking forward to your responses. ❤


11 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine!

  1. That 7 cups thing is wonderful! Is it a thing you do remotely or do you go somewhere? (I guess you said you’ll explain soon)
    And I definitely need to watch Zootopia.

    Anyway, 3 facts as you asked for:
    1) I got a big as pimple yesterday on my nose. So red and Rosy. So sensitive. So eye-catching.
    2) That can only mean one thing: I’m stressed (4 assignments bruh)
    3) I’ll admit it – I have a bunch of drafts sitting there too 😦 My problem is that I always want to add drawings but that means I’ll have to set up the tablet which is a time-consuming task~

    • Dearest Vicky,
      Thank you so much for stopping by! ❤
      1) That pimple is the apple of my eye. I secretly watch it from afar, engrossed in its glossy magnificence. Thank you for sharing my sentiments of its grandiose.
      2) My dear fellow. 4 assignments? Meanwhile, I am swimming in the freedom of having no assessment left… except for 3 exams… all which I am absolutely and positively 1000% behind on 🙂 ❤
      3) Of course. Because you're an artist, that transference across electronic media must be so time-consuming :/ Would I be right in saying that's the issue? Sorry, non-artist questions 😉

      As for 7 Cups, thank you muchly for your interest! It's entirely online-based, and runs on the support of volunteers (although I've applied as an "voluntary intern," though I should definitely revisit the site soon). Basically, you sign up as a listener and "listen" to people in distress for a whole variety of different issues. Ideally, it's a place where you can get talk things out anonymously ❤ Lovely for those bad days where you want to vent. 😉
      And Zootopia… the other apple of my eye… but second to your pimple ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Oh my goodness your comments are gold and sassy but caring.
        1) Thanks for the support. It was so glossy you could see yourself in it
        2) We are polar opposites :’) law and design
        3) I actually have no idea what you’re saying(!!)

        I get the gist of 7cups now 🙂 it must be quite useful. how often would you say you use it?

      • I have embraced its magnificence with my two eyes; I am aware of its resemblance of Rudolph the Reindeer. And I must say… Rudolph isn’t the only one going down in history. ❤
        Hahahaha! You'd be surprised by -and even I was, when I first began– how grey and creative law can get. Yes, it's legislation… but it depends on interpretations, a focus on language, etc. Though I agree, design is undoubtedly the more creative option 😉
        As for what I'm trying to say… me neither. :')
        But my main concern with art on tablet is how to transfer it to a computer. Do you also feel the same way?
        As for 7 Cups… I should use it a lot more often 😛 But I try to log in once a week… though this has been falling apart because of uni and a generally terrible work/life balance :')

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