The Ration Challenge: End


And finally, my thoughts for the conclusion of the Ration Challenge. Filled with gratitude –but I’m mostly salivating over the plate of fresh, luscious greenery– I realised that… I am incapable of fully encapsulated the daily suffering of refugees. 

It seems counter-intuitive –especially since a major intention behind taking this challenge is to understand. But if there’s one realisation I’ve uncovered, it’s that the Ration Challenge is an introduction to their suffering, and by no means an exhaustive recount of their daily battles.

From restricted healthcare support to the emotional turmoil of being suspended in detention centres for an indeterminate amount of time, the suffering of refugees can never be adequately felt by someone from a privileged lifestyle like myself. Someone with global access to resources, food, water –basically, human essentials. Someone who is privileged to mix flavours.

For me, the Ration Challenge was about avoiding temptation. For them, the Ration Challenge is an inevitable way of life –temptation isn’t even an option.

The two scenarios are vastly different.

A couple of concluding thoughts:

  1. The value of vegetable and fruit has risen to my eyes. In my Western world, healthy is a matter of choice. But it is also a privilege.
  2. I have started eating meat again, but can definitely feel the difference. Somehow, I feel more bloated/heavier.
  3. For some reason, pearl milk tea doesn’t taste as good. In fact: I’d argue it’s too sweet. By eating only rations for a week, my sugar intake had dropped dramatically, and even daily sugar fixes taste too sweet.

Feeling compassionate? Click here. 


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