aaeaaqaaaaaaaajzaaaajgu0nwy1odm4ltq2ztetndezos05njezlwvkm2q0ytmyn2e0zaMy name is Ramisa. ūüôā

I love fluffy rabbits that walk around with cute backpacks and have an obsession with cookies-and-cream ice-cream. I love talking to people and simultaneously I appreciate being alone. A bibliophile at heart, an appreciator of technology and of food, I aspire to accomplish the (sadly) impossible goal of hugging every rabbit on this planet. But that won’t stop me from trying. ‚̧

Writing is a huge part of my life. At this current moment, I’ve completed ten first-drafts of novels (most of them too embarrassing to see daylight, thus hidden in my computer) and still am not bored. However, I am always, always¬†learning –new words, techniques, how to avoid plot-holes, sentence structure etc.– and love how subjective literature is. I encourage everyone to try writing. If you are interested, check out this post.

Despite writing so often, I currently don’t intend to become a¬†professional writer… but this blog is reminiscent from a time I did. As for now? I am studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) with a minor in Behavioural Science, as it’s a beautiful combination of two of my favourite things: literature/reading & humanitarianism.¬†

This blog is dedicated to a wide variety of subjects, from music to the occasional philosophy, so I have never found a proper title to categorise all these various topics under. I also love posting guides and tutorial, my own thoughts and opinions (feel free to supply your own comments as well; I absolutely love compelling, opposing arguments that question my current position) and posting some of my fictional writing.

Leave me a comment! They make me happy. ‚ô•



Side-note: One of my writing idols is Julie over at Gabrielle the Authoress and I adore her URL, and asked if I could borrow it the “Authoress” part. She said yes! This leads to the blog you see today. ūüôā


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And just to make you feel happier. :’)


Places I have been:

  1. Guest Post at Lauren Thomas Communications
  2. Book Review over at Kate’s Blog


Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (all-time favourite), Joan of Arc by Lili Wilkison, Solace of the Road/A Swift Pure Cry by Siobhan Dowd, When You Wake and Find Me Gone by Maureen McCarthy, Destroying Avalon/In Ecstasy/Beautiful Monster by Kate McCaffrey, Surviving the Angel of Death by Eva Mozes Kor, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork, Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin.

Anime: Monster, Working!!, Lovely Complex, Hyouka, Chihayafuru, Another, Nana, Honey and Clover

Television Shows: Elementary (click here for an amazing Elementary blog), Community, Parks and Recreation, Malcolm in the Middle, Black Books, The IT Crowd

Song: Shattered by Trading Yesterday, Predictable by Delta Godrem, Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, Wherever You Will Go by The Calling, Bloodline by Barbarossa, In the Sun by Joseph Arthur, Sunday Best by Augustana, Vincent by Don McLean, Trouble Sleeping by Corrine Bailey Rae

Band/Singer: The Fray (Trust Me, Say When, Vienna, Unsaid), Jason Walker (Seattle, What If I Told You, Echo,¬†When The Lights Go Down), Daughter (Smoke, Human, Medicine, Youth), Howie Day (Numbness for Sound, Collide, She Says,¬†Sorry So Sorry), Rosi Golan (Come Around, Hazy), Ed Sheeran (I See Fire, Autumn Leaves, Give Me Love), The Vespers (Better Now, Happy Lessons, Not So Nice), Gabrielle Aplin (Please Don’t Say You Love Me,¬†Salvation,¬†Home), Whitley (My Heart Is Not A Machine, The Submarine, More Than Life)

Instrumental: Song for Viola by Peter Bradley Adams, Theme of Tears from Gundam Seed, Moonlight/The River Flows in You/Do I by Yiruma, Sound of Falling Rain by Ryann, Song of the Caged Bird by Lindsey Stirling

Food:¬†Cookies and cream ice-cream, Nando’s chicken and chips (yum!), oats and honey muesli bars, salmon, cherries, granny smith apples, pomegranate.

Drink: Sparkling apple juice, black tea, water

Font: Goudy Old Style, Book Antiqua, Baskerville.(I tend to dislike sans-serif fonts)

(Somewhat) Unconventional Things I Love:¬†Slam poetry, indie music, logic puzzles, brain teasers, learning new words, real-world application of physics, HTML/CSS/web-designing (although I’m a complete beginner), the night sky, raindrops, flowers of different colours and textures, morality and ethics, six-word stories, Sherlock Holmes, reading books based upon the Holocaust –which I consider one of the darkest events in¬†history, the magical Renaissance, genetic manipulation (it’s fascinating), talking to people, psychology, scrolling through beautiful photographs captured at the perfect time, reading and/or sleeping while it’s raining outside, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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