Jersey’s Comedy of Quirky Mismatches

Jersey's Comedy of Quirky Mismatches

“Okay, okay. So Puns of Fun have a couple of bad jokes here and there–”

“A couple? Mate, their entire existence depends on awful puns, dangerous slapstick and the worst references to pop culture imaginable.”


Jonathan Fisher is the average sixteen-year-old, minus his addiction to puns, wordplay and awful jokes.

When he is invited to join the YouTube channel, Puns of Fun, his life is fulfilled. The wacky, peculiar and quirky idols he admired over the internet are his colleagues. Now is his chance to become friends with these comedic geniuses.

However, the crew of Puns of Fun aren’t acting weird; they are truly uncanny. And suddenly, the best year ever becomes a test of survival.

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     A small note

I never reread my own work, because I desperately feel compelled to change every word. I am never satisfied with my writing… perfectionism is my greatest enemy. For this reason, my writing (unfortunately) contains many imperfections; typos, plot-holes, mixing of facts, etc. However, I genuinely love writing, and by some miracle, find readers willing to tolerate these countless faults and uncover meaning and expression behind my words.

For those readers, I will continue to share my writing.

So thank you.



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