Eating Like A Refugee | The Ration Challenge

Apathy is easy.

We can dismiss critical, life-staking global issues such as the refugee crisis… simply because they don’t directly concern us. Regardless of our moral consciousness, we are all guilty of apathy in some form or another.

But I have a challenge for you:

I challenge you to care.
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obscurity [a series of hipster selfies]

Selfies. Not a single member of my generation is unaware of its definition –they flood social media sites, overwhelm newspapers and the news, and exist as a symbol exclusively to us (for the better or worse is debatable). I’ve never been against selfies, but the concept behind it felt competitive (who can get more likes? omg, I can’t believe she just got more views than me #rood) and the idea just seems… unappealing. Even more humourous are the deep, meaningful quotes that have, sadly, nothing to do with the actual image.

That said, the trend of selfies always fascinated me. Call it peer pressure, but I’m fascinated by Instagram filters and obscuring/emphasising certain parts of your face —it’s almost like an art. Equipped with red lip-gloss and closed curtains, a whole series of selfies were born. Continue reading

Her First Word [50-WORD STORY]

I absolutely love stories/poems with a small amount of words, because they are usually the most influential. This week’s challenge is to write a 50-word story, and the following is my attempt.

It was inspired by Mahalia by Joanne Horniman, which is a beautiful book about a single father. Thank you for reading. Continue reading

The Book Abandoning Challenge

How many times have you read a book you absolutely hate, straight to the end, simply because you didn’t want to leave it unfinished? Have you ever let your competitive, obsessive, “I must finish this book” trance overrule your time and energy over a book you would rather burn than read again?

Sadly, I have been in this boat. There are so many books out there I want to read, and somehow, I find myself reading ones I absolutely loathe. And, I find myself reading so many books I am indifferent to, will never read again, and will probably forget the minute I finish, without any consideration as to the other beautiful covers, sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for a pair of hands to flip through them. (Well, kind of –I read using a Kindle, so not quite…) Continue reading

End of the Year 2013 Readathon! (Sign Up Post)

For all readers who’re desperately trying to read more books (or finding a challenge to motivate them to), I highly recommend the End of the Year 2013 Readathon, hosted by Jenny from Juliababyjen’s Reading Room and Dana from Dana Square. I was already participating in the Dreamy December Days Readathon, introduced to me by the lovely Chihara, but I found that one week wasn’t enough to finish all the books I wanted to (although I completed 2 books, which was more than I’ve done in a long, long time).

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Relaxing, Inspiring and Enlightening: 7-Day Music Blogging Challenge

It has been a long time since I’ve fulfilled the “7-Day Music Blogging Challenge” and now I’m ready to pick up from where I left off. This week’s prompt is a song that sparks strong feelings of any sort, and blogging about the effects of the feeling itself. I chose a positive feelings, which are all triggered by a single song: HAPPINESS/CALMNESS/INSPIRATION, and the song I have chosen is called “Sooner or Later” by Michael Tolcher.

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The Problem with Third-Person Writing

My entire life, I’ve always disliked stories written in third person. However, if it’s fantasy, I dislike the writing in first. I’ve always been very picky with books.

The majority of books I read are contemporary coming-of-age/literary. Very few of them are written in third person, therefore I feel as if the genre doesn’t work with that particular point-of-view. So all my previous novels (I have them as drafts saved somewhere on my computer, and I will never retrieve them) are written in first person.

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