Eating Like A Refugee | The Ration Challenge

Apathy is easy.

We can dismiss critical, life-staking global issues such as the refugee crisis… simply because they don’t directly concern us. Regardless of our moral consciousness, we are all guilty of apathy in some form or another.

But I have a challenge for you:

I challenge you to care.
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Changing the World, One Loan at a Time (Kiva – A Online Charity)

Something my mother always taught me is that, when giving away money to people in times of need, always label it as a loan. It doesn’t matter if they are your closest friends, or if you wouldn’t expect it back/don’t want it back anyway. When someone says something is a loan, there is an obligation to pay it back; the person on the receiving end will take great caution with their spending. It is not something applied to a hypothetical world –I see this behaviour in myself.

For example, I once received a $20 gift-card from my Auntie to spend at Target. I was short on things to buy, and ended up buying some heavily overpriced chocolate, low-quality headphones and a notebook that I never used. However, all that time shopping, I remember being so thankful that I didn’t have to repay the money –I had not spent it on things I need, not even the slightest. In fact, I’ve never been more careless with my money. Although having it in gift-card form did limit my options, I’m sure that, even if it was money, I would be just as careless. Continue reading