‘Your experience? A billionth of my own’

A strong form of human apathy, a hindrance to empathy: we equate similar experiences to our own. Instead of joining hearts, stretching our lingering limbs to clasp and envelop a shaking one, it becomes an analytical process. Judgemental. Critical.

Comparative. Continue reading

B is for Beauty

Beauty. Depending on your different historical, cultural or societal backgrounds, you will imagine a specific, idealised version of beauty –one that differs from someone cultivated by another context. And, common to any established beauty standard, those who don’t possess these features naturally are encouraged to seek alternative methods to achieve them. Makeup is deigned to do exactly this: enhance, shape, and highlight your features –not to increase your beauty, an undefined term, but to help you become a particular ideal set by your respective society.  Continue reading

…These Qualities You Possess

There’s an aspect of my mother’s parenting I will forever cherish –and admire. When I grew into my pre-teen phase, where societal expectations invaded my thoughts, and the media portrayed perfect-skinned actors with ideal lives, I was slightly disarmed.

With confusion seeping through every pore, I asked my mother a question on most pre-teen minds: “Am I pretty?” Continue reading

obscurity [a series of hipster selfies]

Selfies. Not a single member of my generation is unaware of its definition –they flood social media sites, overwhelm newspapers and the news, and exist as a symbol exclusively to us (for the better or worse is debatable). I’ve never been against selfies, but the concept behind it felt competitive (who can get more likes? omg, I can’t believe she just got more views than me #rood) and the idea just seems… unappealing. Even more humourous are the deep, meaningful quotes that have, sadly, nothing to do with the actual image.

That said, the trend of selfies always fascinated me. Call it peer pressure, but I’m fascinated by Instagram filters and obscuring/emphasising certain parts of your face —it’s almost like an art. Equipped with red lip-gloss and closed curtains, a whole series of selfies were born. Continue reading