Good Morning, Sunshine!

If I had to write a blog-post perfectly… I’d simply not blog at all.

– someone else probably said it first, but… (Ramisa Raya, 2016)

How many incomplete, scrapped first-drafts do I have buried in my dashboard? How many blog-posts end with”Hello I am–” [DELETE]? While these are rhetorical questions… if your answer is “Too many for comfort,” please kindly give yourself a gold-star. Continue reading

Goodbye November, Hello December

Goodbye, November, my favourite month of the year. Hello, December, my second-favourite! Perhaps one of the happiest times of the year, I sense Christmas lights, discount chocolate (yum!) and plenty of festive spirit. I remember watching so many movies that contain Christmas (the Home Alone series to name just one) and simply fell in love with the amount of love and affection around this time of the year.

Of course, I do live in Australia, and there will never be a white Christmas. If there is, then I’d truly be concerned about the weather. But it doesn’t stop the spirit –which is everywhere. It’s around this time of the year where the New Year is around the corner.

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The City Is Silent Is Finally Completed!

The day I first started this blog (on the day before my birthday) is when I was still in progress with my book, The City Is Silent.

It was a contemporary, coming of age novel which circulated around a twelve-year-old girl who aspires to become an artist, but finds that she is unable to change her art tactics in order to survive in the arts. However, it’s through the progress of this story where she learns that, yes, change can destroy everything familiar, but there’s always a solution.

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Accomplishments, Tears of Happiness, Poetry (and A $5 Barnes & Noble Giftcard Giveaway)

I haven’t been posting in an exceptionally long time.

I’d love to say that, during this time I’ve spent not blogging, I’ve done some pretty life-changing stuff (changed somebody’s life, climbed Mt Everest, you know, the usual). But unfortunately, I don’t have the courage –or the fitness level– to do these miraculous things.

But what have I been doing in these countless-hours-not-blogging?

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